Workshops - Science & Technology

The Performing Art of Science Presentation
Scientists are often so deep into their research they might forget to translate their content when speaking to audiences outside of their areas. This workshop offers specific skills from the theatre to become a more engaging and memorable speaker, whether at a professional conference, public event, job talk or in the classroom. With a focus on clarifying the message, topics also include connection to audience; body language, gesture and movement; purpose and passion; structure and timing; PowerPoint use; managing stage fright; voice, speech and articulation; and how to include stories and metaphors to illuminate complex or important ideas. The goal is to become more clear, compelling and memorable, getting your research to come to life and your ideas to stick.

Q & A Know-How: Success Beyond Your Text
The Q & A segment of a presentation can be a very challenging part of public speaking for scientists, who often feel attacked or demoralized after handling questions. This workshop provides a framework to manage questions focusing on preparation for Q & A: structure, content and timing. Topics also include exercises in listening, diagnosis from a taxonomy of questions, repertoire of tactical responses, and effective use of voice, body language and gesture. The goal is to be confident, clear and articulate during the less structured sections of a presentation so that your research is clearly expressed and your ideas stick.

Individual Coaching
Topics may include communication skills, presence, vocal power and clarity, or coaching for specific presentations (purpose, organization, use of language and/or PowerPoint, data presentation, and storytelling.)

2013-2014 Nancy Houfek