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  Amy Cuddy is a Harvard Business School professor who is investigating the relationship between body language and inner life. This video will convince you to stand up straight.
  This site offers a comprehensive list of suggestions for anyone wishing to improve their presentation skills. Although tailored to scientists, the information is applicable to all public speakers.
  Susan McConnell, a Stanford professor of biology, talks about public speaking in this very helpful video: “Designing Effective Scientific Presentations: Using PowerPoint and Structuring your Talk.”

  Melissa Marshall of Penn State University talks about science presentations in a humorous and cut-to-the-chase manner.
  The actor Alan Alda has spearheaded a program at Stony Brook University, NY, dedicated to bringing theater training to scientists to help them speak about their work. This site presents an overview of their programs.

  And this link will take you directly to a video of an improvisation course designed by Alda to help scientists communicate more effectively.
  The Committee on the Advancement of Women Chemists (COACh) is an organization based at the University of Oregon whose mission is to further the professional development of women in the sciences. The site lists workshops, members and facilitators, as well as opportunities for mentoring or advancement
  ADVANCE is a National Science Foundation funded program that offers grants to universities to help women in the sciences increase both productivity and status within their organizations. This site list grant opportunities, current ADVANCE grant recipients, and upcoming programs and workshops.
  The American Repertory Theater is regional theater company in residence at Harvard University. This link will tell you more about the kind of work that Nancy has been doing in the theater for the past 16 years.
  Fitzmaurice Voicework is a form of vocal training taught in major theater programs throughout the world. This site shows upcoming workshops, lists certified teachers by country or region, and offers resources for vocal health, etc.
  The Voice & Speech Trainers’ Association is an international organization dedicated to furthering all aspects of vocal training. This site has articles, voice & speech professionals listed by country or region, links to past issues of the Newsletter, and information about conferences and membership.
  Harvard’s Kennedy School of Government offers executive education programs in leadership, government, and leadership education. Listings are at this link.

  The Harvard Law School Program on Negotiation offers a wide range of week long courses through the Harvard Negotiation Institute. This link lists available offerings.
  Cambridge Leadership Associates is a New York based consulting firm pioneering the concepts of “Adaptive Leadership.” In addition to listing personnel, clients, upcoming events, and other promotional details, there is a great deal of information about the “Adaptive Leadership” model on this site.

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